BRand Engagement Center

Empowering Franchise Recruiters To Sell Better  

FranStack's brand engagement center guides and tracks buyers brand research process.

FranStack makes it easy for recruiters to identify which leads are most ready to buy

Accessible on any device, FranStack's Brand Engagement Center enhances recruitment by offering:

  • Guided lead nurturing
  • Automatic lead tracking
  • Powerful recruiter web app
FranStack Brand Engagement Center empowers recruiters to identify the leads most ready to buy.

Nurture Leads

All In One Place

FranStack's Brand Engagement Centers offer a powerful new way to engage, nurture, and recruit franchisees. 


Increase Recruiter efficiency

 Brand Engagement Centers increases recruiter efficiency by:

  • identifying low quality leads
  • offering general franchise education
  • identifying best leads earlier 
  • offering a guided buying process

Accelerate Buying process

Brand Engagement Centers accelerates the buying process by:

  • empowering buyers to build confidence in their purchase decision
  • guiding the buyer to move at their own personal pace
  • enabling the best leads to quickly become qualified buyers

Build Trusted Relationships

Brand Engagement Centers enables recruiters to build trusted relationships by

  • offering instant answers to common questions
  • removing knowledge barriers that delay a buyer's decision
  • answering questions at the right time in the process

Prepare Better OPerators

Brand Engagement Centers enables buyers to become better operators by:

  • demonstrating how to operate the business
  • educating buyers to invest startup capital smarter
  • helping buyers to choose the best business location

Increase Sales Conversion

Brand Engagement Centers improves lead conversion by: 

  • offering visibility into the buying process
  • delivering financial education and resources
  • guiding buyers every step of the way