Exceeding buyer expectations

Too often franchisors are disappointing their prospective buyers before they even get a chance to know them.  

The Problem

Most franchise websites offer a form to ask prospects to fill out.  Too often the incentive to fill out the form is the promise of an online report of the brand.  In fact these reports are generally the same information that are posted on the public website.  

It is not surprise that prospective buyers are hesitant to fill out forms and offer personal information when the reward does not live up its billing. 

Why It Matters

This is especially problematic for brands who are seeking to develop a long term trusted relationship with their future franchisees.  To break a promise so early in the relationship sets the entire conversation off on the wrong foot. 

Bottom Line

Make sure to offer a proper reward / incentive to your buyers to fill out your form. Deliver on the promise of what your buyers expect and you will be building a positive and profitable relationship with your very next franchise buyer. 

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