The franchise buyers wishlist

Why shouldn’t you give your buyers what they actually want?


Why do franchise brands dump a massive amount of information on their website overwhelming their prospects? Is this what buyers want?

No. The Data Says...

In a recent study, text heavy websites showed that over 50% of the content on the website was never read by a prospective buyer.  Imaging a movie you go to see and half of it you have no interest in watching?  So why does this occur?  

What makes brands want to offer information their customer doesn't even want?

Brands Need to use Data to make better decisions

The answer is clear.  Brands often do not have any idea of what their customer is or is not using on their franchise recruitment site.  They do not use the same level of data and analytics common in other industries to hold their digital vendors accountable.  

Bottom Line

If you can't measure it you probably should be doing it. The best lesson any brand who wants to accelerate its recruitment results can learn is that the customer is king. Measure what they like. Discard or reinvent what they don't.  But never ever stop measuring.  

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