A simple formula to win more deals

Just ask apple...

Apple is arguably one of the most successful brand franchises in the world. From the first time you walk into their store you feel like you are part of "something" important.  

Perhaps one of the most important lessons a franchisor can learn from Apple is that they have designed their entire experience to serve the first time buyer.  

Apple knows that if a customer is afraid to ask a dumb question about their iPhone or get frustrated because they can't get someone to help them pick out the right computer, they will lose one of their key competitive advantage: Simplicity.

Simplicity Really Matters

When you buy a device online Apple knows that a customer can only consume so much information.  Here are a few tips that every franchisor should learn to take their online recruitment sites to the next level:

  1. Don't overwhelm your customer with information.
  2. Use pictures to share your brand product or service.
  3. Crisp and consistent branding matters.
  4. Too much information stops sales.
  5. Be accessible to the customer in as many ways as possible.
  6. Keep it short. Thats why this list is now over ;)

Bottom Line

Apple has proven that keeping the buyer experience as simple as possible is a major key to achieving brand success.

  • Is your buyer process simple?  
  • Do you have unnecessary friction in your online recruitment experience?
  • Do your buyers rave about your franchise recruitment process?

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