10 Reasons To Not Use FranStack

10 Reasons To Not Use FranStack

Here are 10 reasons to not use FranStack: 

  1. You have amazing lead quality, especially from portals.
  2. You have unlimited recruiter resources and time. 
  3. You want your recruiters to answer general franchise questions to 1st-time buyers.
  4. You don't mind investing a lot of time in tire-kickers.
  5. You enjoy having 100's of leads and no information on which one is actually worth calling.
  6. You are able to call every lead immediately when they fill out your form.
  7. You believe a long reading experience is enjoyable for a buyer.
  8. You believe your customers prefer long reading experiences vs. seeing pictures.
  9. You don't mind spending time on leads who are not interested in your brand.
  10. You don't want a lead least ranked and ordered by who is most prepared to buy.



Can I keep my website? Yes..

FranStack is a lead nurturing system.  NOT YOUR WEBSITE.

FranStack is used after a lead fills out the inquiry form on your website.

FranStack is just a link inside of the email you send to a new lead.

FranStack makes a franchisors recruitment website smarter by identifying which leads visiting your website are the most engaged and prepared to buy.

You can also use FranStack with your PPC advertising and if over time you find the conversion + lead information to be better than your static website we can show you ways to improve your existing website performance. 

    Does FranStack get me more leads?

    FranStack takes your existing leads and identifies which leads are the most likely to buy.  Most franchisors have a lead quality problem. Too many leads and not enough information to know whether a lead is engaged and interested. 

    FranStack gives you a list of your leads ordered by their level of engagement and interest in your brand. For our paid plans we offer additional services for optimizing your PPC to increase conversion. 

    What is FranStack?

    FranStack is a powerful new platform for tracking and nurturing your franchise leads. FranStack offers a branded university to leads to learn about your brand in a highly engaging experience that is available on every device.

    FranStack is the first franchising solution that can automatically nurture your leads and enable your recruiters to identify which leads are the most engaged in your brand.

    Just by placing the FranStack link in your welcome email you will be able to immediately:

    • offer every leads a better buying experience
    • track which leads are most likely to buy
    • identify sales content that is not effective
    • prioritize the leads your recruiters should call
    • enable every lead to be instantly nurtured

    How is FranStack different than my current website?

    FranStack goes well beyond your franchise recruitment website. It offers a powerful sales education platform.

    1. Tracking - Your website is not able to track what your leads are viewing. FranStack is tracking your leads activity allowing you to know which leads are the most engaged in your brand.
    2. Ranking - Your website has no ability to track which lead is the most engaged in your brand. FranStack offers a ranking system that makes it simple to rank leads by level of engagement.
    3. Engagement - Your website is mostly a reading experience. FranStack increases engagement in your brand by offering a visual tour of your brand.
    4. Navigation - Your website has a series of web pages with content on them that are long and difficult to navigate. FranStack offers a guided "tour" of your brand. FranStack intelligently recommends to your lead the next relevant information they need to become a confident and prepared buyer.