How is FranStack different than my current website?

FranStack goes well beyond your franchise recruitment website. It offers a powerful sales education platform.

  1. Tracking - Your website is not able to track what your leads are viewing. FranStack is tracking your leads activity allowing you to know which leads are the most engaged in your brand.
  2. Ranking - Your website has no ability to track which lead is the most engaged in your brand. FranStack offers a ranking system that makes it simple to rank leads by level of engagement.
  3. Engagement - Your website is mostly a reading experience. FranStack increases engagement in your brand by offering a visual tour of your brand.
  4. Navigation - Your website has a series of web pages with content on them that are long and difficult to navigate. FranStack offers a guided "tour" of your brand. FranStack intelligently recommends to your lead the next relevant information they need to become a confident and prepared buyer.