Reimagining a Vital Industry

Franchising is a powerful entrepreneurial force representing ~10% of the U.S. economy. In 2017, franchisors employ over 10 million individuals.We are excited to reimagine the future of franchising. Each day we work with our customers, partners, and experts to find new ways to enhance the franchise industry.  We seek to create a stronger franchising industry that will continue to empower entrepreneurs everywhere to realize their goals.



Using Technology to Empower Entrepreneurs

Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to empower business owners to achieve their personal and professional goals.  We strive to create the leading platform to empower franchisors to better serve their franchisors. We use the power of technology to foster better education, enable more communication, share knowledge and best practices, and empower buyers and sellers to connect and create more value for each other. 




Buying a business is complex.  

Our mission is to empower franchisors to better engage and educate their customers.  By offering new ways to learn about a franchisors business, we will better engage and prepare prospective franchisees to buy.  Prospective buyers value brands who are able to engage them in their brand story and customer experience.  Everyone wins when  franchise buyers and sellers are more engaged. 



There are 700,000+ franchisees in the United States.

Each one is an entrepreneur who is exceptional and constantly looking to improve their business.  Our team is focused on serving the next small business owner seeking to franchise their business. We want to give them the guidance and tools they need to succeed.  For franchisee buyers... we seek to simplify the process of finding and learn which business is right for them.