The Unspoken Truth

Franchise lead generation is not delivering qualified candidates that are both ready and qualified to purchase.
— Joe Matthews - Street Smart Franchising

What if...

Every entrepreneur was certified specifically for your brand ?
Every lead was a skilled entrepreneur already ready to operate?
Leads were already trained on how to access business financing?  

Introducing Entrepreneur U. 

Enhance pipeline quality | get open faster | grow top line revenues

Entrepreneur U is the first certified Executive Franchisee Training Program.  

Entrepreneur U empower brands to access a premium pipeline of entrepreneurial candidates.  

Every graduate from Entrepreneur U is certified as an EFTP.

Brands who source EFTP's will

  • enhance their pipeline to convert faster
  • ensure every franchisee hits the ground running
  • instill both the brand knowledge and operational skills they need
  • enable franchisees to get open faster and grow top line revenues quicker. 

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